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Thread: New CWL Reward idea - DE

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    New CWL Reward idea - DE

    Hey everyone! I think this needs to be added,

    You know how you can get 2.5 million gold and elixir for 25 War League Medals?

    What if Supercell added the same but with Dark Elixir?!

    What if you could get either 10k DE or 25k DE from using 25 League Medals?!

    I am shocked this hasn't been added and I think it should be added.

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    Yeah, it seems logic to me. I like it.

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    Use the search feature you will find the answer why in the others who asked for this.

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    Darian has stated that they intentionally want DE to be a rare resource. By making it available for medals it would pump way too much available DE into the economy and make it not such a rare resource anymore.

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