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Thread: Improved game experience

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    Improved game experience

    As in one of your other games the ability to direct my troops with a flare or marker gives me much needed control over where my troops go and what they attack. Clash could really use this ability in the next update.

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    Hello and welcome to the clash forum, just in time before it closes.
    Your discussion is misplaced, and if worthy, it will be moved, and hopefully you will find it in the clash sub.

    About the content of your proposal, I will not comment, but pathing and learning how the troops are commanded by the AI is essential in the game.
    Good luck.
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    I don't like this idea... I think the funny part of attacking is to find the way to direct the troops to the place we want. Planning is essential and what makes wars interesting.

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    I like this idea as a new spell, all troops in the spell area converge to the center

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