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Thread: A New Super Troop.

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    nice idea man

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaserRadiation View Post
    I have the perfect super bowler.
    Before you say it's overpowered, it's not, it's exactly how it has to be.
    It includes all our ideas into one idea.
    The super bowler has two stone balls, he throws one of them through the whole base, it jumps above the first building, hit the second building, jumps above the third, hit the fourth... CANNOT HIT THE TOWNHALL.
    When it's the end of the base it becomes 2 (or 3, depends on the bowler level) super golems, they act like I notice above.
    After this happens he throws his second stone ball that act exactly like the first one. This is the super bowler ability.
    After his two stone balls he continues throwing normal stone balls (like a normal bowler) but he can also throw them to the air.
    His housing space is 40, he has skelly helmet and level 8 giant clothes.
    Now this I agree with except is he really that powerful to take 40 housing space, I was thinking like between 25-35 housing space. Anyway thanks for the suggestion and I would really like to see the Super Bowler on Clash of Clans.

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    Thanks everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaserRadiation View Post
    Thanks everyone
    Your Welcome. 😁👍

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    Any other better ideas from somebody else I should hear.

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