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    Cupping in clash of clans

    So i am a maxed th 8 and i am pushing to the titan league, but there is a few things i really don’t understand.

    • When I attack a th 9 player i only get arround 10 cups for a 3 star

    • When a th 9 player or higher attacks me i lose arround 30-50 cups everytime

    Can somebody expain me how this works?

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    TH has absolutely no bearing on the number of cups offered.

    That is determined entirely by the difference in cups between attacker and defender at the start of the attack.

    TH has some bearing on which others you will be offered, but only up to the top of masters. In Champions and Titans, you get offered what is there, with little if any regard to your TH.

    The trophy offers are described in more detail here

    That is not entirely up to date at the extremes ( a few years back, SC changed the minimum offers so you will never be offered less than 6 trophies for a 3 star), and Legends works entirely differently. But it is still accurate for most matches.

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