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    Gone through the several stages of grief. And then lost in R V F (meh). Never posted much as quite shy, but enjoyed the forums. I think I will see many of you elsewhere (and for that, I am happy - clash is about people more than anything). Might even see you on Reddit

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    Thank you all for being my friends! Even though me and tahoe have made forums that are alternative exits from this one, its like replacing a dog you have had for 10 years. In other words, its next to impossible to capture the essence, the soul of the forum. And thats ok. It will remain in our hearts, in our memories, our dreams. And we can smike, laugh(or smirk, not calling out anyone *cough*snooks *cough*)
    many of you have ben here 6 times longer than me, so ifim feeling as blue as a depressed night sky i cant even pretend to know what your going through. Especially darian, he is practicly the forums father!
    but many of you are already on reddit, discord, and one nr both of the fan run forums, so our paths are bound to cross again!

    imo the lyrics to queens love of my life really hit close to how i feel about this

    im feeling to lazy to get the link rn but search it on youtube you will find it
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    Goodbye forums, I know you tried your best, darian.
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    This isn't the way the Clash Forum was supposed to go out - it was supposed to go out with the last Queen Walk of the last attack of the last Clan War.

    RIP Clash Forum, you served well, and you will be missed.

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    Thank you all for making this place a great one! Thanks to Darian for being so accesible and open to the community, thanks OT gang for making the forums feel like homecoming, and thanks to the mods, because we sometimes seem to forget that they are volunteers and that they made it possible for this community to become one of the least tocix ones on the internet (except for online yoga clubs and gardening groups of course ).

    It has been great here, and it will be missed.

    Be A Legend (no, really, be a legend. As Ghandi once said: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world.)

    Over and out.
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    And it's telling me that things are not the same
    Until next time, in-game or out of game, somewhere else.

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    Been reading these forums probably at least once a day for over six years - even if I did not quite reach 100 posts

    Going to miss them but.....

    Thanks Supercell for all the good reads!
    Going to miss the forums

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