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    Quote Originally Posted by dayone View Post
    I can’t help but think that if SuperCell had promoted the forums a little bit, or even at all, for instance I have guys in my clan who’ve been playing Clash for years and years who didn’t even know that the forums exist, they’d have much more player engagement and wouldn’t be shutting them down.
    We'll never really know whether more promotion would have made enough difference. I rather doubt it TBH, but it is possible.

    Honestly though, this is completely inline with SuperCells modus operandi and doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I wouldn’t even be surprised to learn that their excuse is false, and the only reason they’re shutting down is to save Tencent a few bucks. Just like they definitely didn’t shut down global so people couldn’t mention the Hong Kong protests and irritate Tencent, right? Wink…wink, lol.
    All that paragraph says is that you just don't know Supercell at all.

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    sometimes, and in my personal case always, quality is better than quantity

    sure the Forum may have the smallest “user” base, and I use that term loosely as I believe it could be the biggest had it been the exclusive source for information first and foremost and in game as originally designed, but it is the only platform where you can have these types of discussions in a civilized manner

    there may be hundreds of thousands of people who have signed up on Discord and Reddit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are invested, it may mean there are hundreds of thousands of “bros” that just come on to goof and post the odd meme here and there

    quality over quantity....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    I don't blame people for being salty. I'm salty. The forums have always been its own standalone ecology but it has always had the smallest reach of any of our platforms even at its peak. Even when there were over 250,000 posts per day across all our forums, which translates to just tens of thousands of users per day, it still pales in comparison to the millions of people our other platforms reach every day.
    If I may be salty myself too, it seems that, for a team that is "looking to do something fun at first instead of looking at numbers", you have been writing a lot about actual figures on this topic to justifiy the decision to close this forum.

    Your clan performances during CWL? Easily grab stats with SCS
    ===>More info on the official thread<===

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    I’ve been away for a year… stopped playing coc, and I came back when TH14 dropped. It’s too bad they will shut down the forums. That’s where I found my clan, through Forum Cup.
    I also learned a lot here about how the game works, and I’ve also complained a lot about things in the game I was not satisfied with (clouds, engineering, revenge, etc), and most of them ended up been solved.
    Thank you Darian, Mods and everyone for having me here. See ya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    There's only so many ways I can say the same thing:
    There's the question of why the game app stopped pointing players to the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by George1971 View Post
    Clan pyramid in CWL.

    Replies 4 & 5 gave the relevant links. Nothing else needed to be added. The answers are there for easy reference, easily found by google search, even by internal forum search.

    Discord? Is it even searchable by google?
    You didn't get the point. The thread was still on page 1 (for me at 20 posts a page), a few years ago the oldest post on the first page would be hours or even minutes old. It was to point out the decline in activity I noticed in January.

    And no, the information within discord is not searchable with Google since it is not a web page it is a texted based chat app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    All that paragraph says is that you just don't know Supercell at all.
    He’s gotta be onto something considering my game censors word “Taiwan”, moreover, far bigger and far more profitable companies already bent knee to Tencent, so I wouldn’t be surprised if what he says was true. However, let us not discuss this as this is neither the place, nor the time.

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    Unpopular opinion: the forums don’t matter as a place that must continue to exist.

    The data and people can and will move elsewhere, and if some of the people don’t, well that’s okay too.

    Reddit isn’t a cesspool but is a good place to continue the community. Some of the redditors posting on the discussion about this thread are looking forward to the potential influx of actual game conversation instead of recycled memes. It has been stated some are actively working on archiving portions or all of the forum. Those I have interacted with have been helpful. I’m slowly seeing others from the forums there. Even Ajax has made an appearance.

    Minley’s unofficial forum discord is gaining traction. There is also an official clash subreddit discord.

    If regulatory issues are part of the problem, I’m guessing that comes from hosting your own community. So don’t. It doesn’t seem likely Supercell pages on FB and Twitter must pay six-figure costs to remain in operation, and if anyone does, that sounds like a problem for the social platforms who can no doubt afford it and will willingly pay for it.

    I would repeat and augment a previously unanswered question: On what platform are we most likely to engage in two-way communication with Darian in his official capacity as community manager?

    To me, that is an important factor. Without official communication (and I don’t just mean reach to the players because that’s mostly one-way), any other unofficial platform for the game may also be doomed to die.

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    Maybe there is too much bad publicity on the forums, so Supercell is sending it to the shredders.
    All these years, opinions written, thoughts and ideas conveyed, and emotions expressed through words... To be erased out of existence. Nevermore nevermore.
    Not even a headstone to return to. To mark what once was, but is no more. As if to say what happened through the years never happened at all. There will be no tales told, no books written, and no songs sung of these forums. No no off to the shredders it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    You didn't get the point. The thread was still on page 1 (for me at 20 posts a page), a few years ago the oldest post on the first page would be hours or even minutes old. It was to point out the decline in activity I noticed in January.
    And my point is that the quality of a forum thread is not measured by the number of responses. That thread was perfectly answered, and is a perfect example of the value of this forum. A simple question gets a good answer, without a lot of noise, and remains easily found forever.

    I have been active here for some years. Yes, it used to be more active, but the game used have more little problems that aggravated players who came here to voice their complaint, and younger less serious players posted lots of low value posts. With less posts, the quality improved. Activity is a poor measure of value.

    Many people came to these forums and didn't stay? Maybe their serious problem was solved. Maybe the rules and tight moderation and brusk reactions to newcomers meant that if they didn't seriously want to engage in serious talk, they realised that the forums weren't for them.

    So what's going on in these high activity alternative forums?
    1. "Just returned to the tribe after 7 years gone." Interesting, trivia, no consequence.
    2. "Ruled Out Ideas - #2,738 (this is a joke)"
    3. "Personal Accomplishments Maxed out my th 12 walls after only 39 days at th 12"
    4. "The amount of gems needed to complete an upgrade is log-linear (source in comments). Meaning gemming short upgrades is more expensive than long ones. rates change at 1 minute, 1 hour and 1 day." Interesting trivia.
    5. "Personal Accomplishments It's one of the best feeling in the world"

    These posts come with nice graphics, but none of it is serious or worth returning to, but apparently the many active people are upvoting these things. I guess that they never return, it is for single pass likes.

    This reads like graffiti in the designated area. It gets a lot of views so it matters more?! Maybe it is like fine art of sand castles in beach sand at low tide. "The Town Hall"

    Banal personal voice conversation between two people, what they are doing right now. #Clash-chat

    exgota | certified edrag lover — Today at 11:32 PM
    fairy tail
    vaze — Today at 11:32 PM
    V — Today at 11:32 PM
    its clash chat
    iLeaf — Today at 11:32 PM
    hxh overrated
    qlzc — Today at 11:32 PM
    V — Today at 11:32 PM
    i didnt register that
    vaze — Today at 11:32 PM
    Hunter x hunter is good
    iLeaf — Today at 11:32 PM
    but astroboy
    exgota | certified edrag lover — Today at 11:33 PM
    astroboy wasnt THAT bad

    Bored kids tuning in to chat channels.
    Seriously? Darian wants us to engage in that? It is like conversations between kids on buses. Everyday, there are so many conversations on buses, so lets focus on the community of bus conversations?!

    So, the problem with forums is that governments have turned their attention to company's user forums data standards. They are threatened with audits. Bloody audits, great in theory, waste of time in practice, rapidly become self serving, sucks the energy of the place but produces a lot of records. I didn't see it coming that this meant they would shut them down. It's far bigger to me that Reddit and Discord especially are uncontrolled safety hazards for kids, they will be next. Absurd that SuperCell will chose to invest in these dubious things, because they have more registered users?!

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