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    *deep breath
    Thank you mods for all your hard work and
    , thank you everyone and the community. For years was always a nostalgic place to call home with countless friends. I've learned many lessons throughout my time here. It's the one place on the internet I truly felt like there was an actual community experience. The forums allowed me to realize how much I love bringing community together, helping people out, and even learn how to design. It's a time where I have to let go many things moving on to college, and I understand the decision. All good things come to an end. Indeed end of an era :')

    I appreciate letting us save our posts before the forum closes. So many images and files hehe time to get to saving

    Quote Originally Posted by ClashWithStyle View Post
    Gutted. Forum was my home for many years and I will really miss it.

    Just want to say thank you to everyone I've met on here over the years, and of course to the wonderful SC team!

    The forum is where my passion for design was created, and 7 years later I'm still designing!

    Cheers, Alex (Clash With Style)
    Quote Originally Posted by Killercheese View Post
    This forum was a really special place for me. I initially joined in 2016 but since then I grown a lot, I made a lot of friends. The forums also allowed me to find my passion in GFX and content creation. Thank You Supercell for the amazing journey. One day I can look back and laugh at the memories.

    Love you all and the GFXers. It was an awesome ride.
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    Thank you SC forums ❤ and everyone that joined on this ride.

    If I know you let's keep connected!! Discord: Jeff#7798

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    This is sad sad this is where I would check daily for any new updates about clash. Reddit is terrible...but of the options listed the only one that will likely have any value about upcoming changes. Can't rely on facebook or insta random timeline (hmmm...I think I'll show you this post from 2 weeks ago instead of this post from 5 mins ago). Most of the comments on facebook or insta are terrible and are obviously done by people with just a few months on the game.

    Discord....I've been part of multiple clans trying Discord....its an annoying mess.

    Guess I'll just wait for information from in the game...

    On a positive note....than you for everyone that worked the forum!!!! Thank you for all of the people that contributed. You made this site a regular morning check (more important than coffee).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercfovia87 View Post
    If what you said is true, then the Forum activity is buffed by the Black Magic Baba Ji Specialist posts? Since somebody must have created tons of accounts just to spam the forum on daily basis. I think you had underestimated the numbers of such spam accounts. Will it be more than the Forum lurkers? You have no idea. But if you intends to perform an audit, I will be glad to know the answer.

    The point about you having 12 Clash accounts further prove that the game isn't dying even with their current service? If you think that they have such bad service you wouldn't go on to create 12 Clash accounts just to maintain your Clan. And I doubt that threatening SC with 11 of your mini accounts will have any impact on their decision to improve their current service. Good move really overall.
    Your response is a little nonsensical... The black magic posts would be counted in the graph posted (new accounts, new posts) so they would not skew the anonymous view numbers at all? And thinking I have any sort of audit access is plain ridiculous.

    Further I never said the game was dying, I said the direction it has taken is disturbing. I also didn't imply my boycott would hurt or affect the game at all, that's my personal decision not to financially support the objectional business model, not any sort of threat. And my 12 accounts aren't new, they were originally created for fun/variety and now are essential to operating a clan- so yes, they actually are an indicator that there are growing issues with removing the social aspects of the game.

    But good move really overall with demonstrating why a lot of people (like me) usually never post their opinion on the forums and just come to lurk for useful info... Cool reply, bro

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    I've joined the Reddit forum as MrGreenbearUK. Cheers from the UK.

    GB. Kingdom of War.


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    Thank You

    Goodbye everyone. Had a lot of fun here and spent a good amount of time on this place. Unfortunately a lot of poor leadership from the supercell side has led to the downfall. I do not expect them to care, as the numbers show the amount of players here is not even a dent in their player base.

    With this poor leadership shown throughout the last 3-5 years on this forum, I will choose to boycott supercell games. I will not be playing another game, which is unfortunate, because they always had the best community right here.

    There is no point in trying to argue or fight it, this was inevitable. Ever since Tim decided to leave (which he should have never been given that choice) the “OFFICIAL” supercell forums have been in a constant decline. Big thanks to everyone who stuck around with community royale and tried to make things work after but there was no coming back from that unfortunately.

    Thanks to everyone who became a friend of mine here and exchanged laughs. I will genuinely miss and remember you.

    The removal of TvMs and others are things I will point to as being horrific leadership decisions that also lead to the downfall of this place. I will never comprehend why some of the things that brought people here the most joy were removed because of small problems the mod team faced.

    With that being said, I fully expect this message to be deleted but my account will be terminated anyways.

    Thanks everyone for some special moments, and remember the name Bmille3.

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    Seems like a good point for me to give the game a rest. The social aspect of the game has really gone downhill. Without new players to fill our ranks, everyone has just become numb really. I have 6 accounts and used to keep them all active, but, I'm just not interested anymore. It's been a fun ride and I'll always consider this the best mobile game I've every played.

    Many thanks to everyone here. I learned so much from these forums, and in-turn was able to share that with other players.

    Goodbye Forums. It's been fun!

    Thanks to DragonX101 for the awesome sig!


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    Quote Originally Posted by thibob87 View Post
    Hope you keep clashing and find a home in reddit or discord. You-ve always been helpful 2222, thanks for all the posts
    I agree...I feel like half of my posts are" Yeah, what 2s said!"

    I was never a prolific poster, but I visited the forum often. Global had it's problems for sure (and I can't argue the reasoning for why it went away), but it also added some entertainment for me and was effective for recruiting. As a near maxed player, feels like the joy of the game is being chipped away, bit by bit. Many of us will likely only hang on and continue playing for fear of regret, and falling behind. Eventually the game will feel more like a chore...and we will fade away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdwardEG View Post
    Too bad Reddit is blocked in my country. Have to use VPN everytime to access it. Sigh.
    That is definitely unfortunate no work around other than what you mentioned as far as I know
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    Well back here again what else can i do beside reading the replies
    The fact is i dont remember how i find the forum but im glad i did
    Thanks to all the beautiful souls here you guys are awesome will always remember the few names
    Hope we can give a nice farewell to this beautiful place

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    There will be no formal/official way for that any longer
    You absolutely can do this on Reddit. Several QOL suggestions that made it into the game came directly from Reddit.

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