Dear Forum Community,

It is with a heavy heart that we are facing the end of an era: the inevitable closure of the official Supercell community forums. It has been an amazing journey we’ve experienced together over the last 10 years, but like all adventures, they eventually come to a close.

The members of the forum community have been some of our most loyal, dedicated, and hardcore players who have been a part of our games’ histories for as long as these games have been around. Each day you’ve given us your thoughts, discovered bugs, shared fan art, engaged in lively...and sometimes more lively than we’d like...discussions to let us know how you felt about Clash, Hay Day, and our other games that were formerly on the Forums. The amount of support and camaraderie in our forum community has been inspiring and in all honesty, we will truly miss all of you.

There isn’t one single reason for this difficult decision, but a multitude of factors where in the end we agreed this was the best option, even if it’s our least favorite one. As you are some of our most loyal community members, we do feel we can share a bit of transparency as to why this difficult decision has come about.

The official Forums have always been a place where Supercell Community Managers and players could directly interact in an official capacity, share ideas, post updates, and get an idea of player sentiment regarding our games. Over the years, we’ve seen countless players come and go but there have always been a core of Forum members who have been guides, mentors, voices of reason, and even voices of dissent that we have come to deeply respect.

Our care for the community not only extends to our players but also to the safety of our community’s ability to share their ideas with us. The platform our forums are based on is a quite outdated one that is no longer supported by the publisher, leading to many potential security risks with regards to account information. If this were the sole reason for our concern, then switching to a new platform with up-to-date security would be a relatively easy solution.

But the main factor behind this decision is a simple problem of numbers. Looking at Forum activity over the past 4 years, the amount of daily usage has continued to drop while activity on our other channels continues to rise. This shows a clear preference which platforms our players use to communicate with us. A recently reviewed report of daily forum activity spanning the past few years shows a drastic decrease in the amount of daily activity, number of new posts, and number of daily conversations.

During 2018, the number of daily posts ranged upwards of 250,000 new posts per day across all of Supercell’s official forums. Today that number ranges in the low thousands across all Forums, which includes Hay Day & Clash of Clans, with the vast majority coming from Clash visitors. The number of new users is under a thousand and new posts have also dipped to the low thousands as well. What this means is that the number of daily active Forum members numbers only in the hundreds of people.

As mentioned, if security were the only concern then switching to a new platform would be relatively simple. But when only a few hundred people are active per day, then we have to evaluate whether or not that platform is viable for the long term; especially as activity continues to drop as time goes on.

The Forums have been a wonderful place where we’ve been able to create so many memories over the years and the individuals who have made it a great place to discuss our games will never be forgotten.

To our forum regulars, thank you for everything you have brought to our community.

To our veterans and Game Specialists, the mentorship and guidance you have given our players has been beyond compare. Thank you for making this one of the least toxic communities ever.

And to our beloved Mods. For the past 10 years, our mods have freely volunteered their own time to this community and have been stalwart in helping keep this place to be a safe space for our community while still allowing our players to express themselves and for that we can never thank them enough.

So what are the next steps?

At some point in June, the Forums will switch to Read-Only mode. Once we’ve gone to Read-Only, no new posts will be able to be made and the Forums can only be read. This will hopefully give individuals a chance to archive any posts they wish to be cataloged for future reference.

During this time, as a reminder, we’ll make sure to share what other platforms are still available to the community where we actively engage in conversation.

After the summer, in August, the Forums will begin the shut down process and will no longer be available.

This hasn’t been an easy decision to make and we explored every avenue possible to keep the Forums open. We recognize the value they have provided us with and we truly do wish there were another option for us.

While it is small consolation, we truly do thank you for all of the wonderful conversations and threads you’ve created over the years and we hope you’ll join us on our other platforms.

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The Supercell Community Team