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Thread: Reactivate task does not work

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    Reactivate task does not work

    The farm pass reactivate task does not work properly. Oh sure you can reactivate it and do the task again. But you won't get the points from it.

    This is a known issue for months now. When will this be fixed?
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    Glad I found this as that has happened to me this week. Very sad as it means we will not lose our top 3 win.
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    This is the 6th farm pass if I’m not mistaken. If they still can’t fix it, the least they can do is just not put that in farm pass as a “prize.” It’s really not ok to keep selling something that doesn’t work. Put some planks there instead. I won’t complain!

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    Farm Pass reactivate derby task is still not working as of yesterday (5/12/21). Please fix this or remove as a “Perk”!

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    Hello, I am experiencing this problem whenever I reactivate the task, the young people do not count, I am very disappointed. I talk to them and nothing to solve

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    Just had the same experience. I reactivated a milk collection task as it expired just as I was collecting the last 11 churns and finished the task but got no points so I missed out on a horseshoe. Why don’t they just remove it until it works.

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    Please fix this as suggested in other posts and give me back my bought diamonds that I used for extra tasks. This bug has cost me 20 diamonds already and twice a horseshoe.

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    I am very dissapointed! The same problem. If I had known this I wouldn’t have used it.
    PLEASE FIX THIS or remove this reeard from the farmpass.

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    Same here. Had this now in at least 3 derbies. Problem here in the forum about this problems since the beginning of the farmpass. Completely unclear, why is is not fixed.

    Is it working for anyone at all?

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