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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    You have to remember the OP doesn't really play the same game we do. He is in the top few hundred players (out of 10s of millions), and although the mechanics are the same, the results those players get out of them are totally different to what most of us normal players see.

    CabonFinn is good, but I think is still probably slightly below the level of the OP.

    I mean, it depends on what aspect OP is complaining about. The results of Eurat, Stephanie cup, ESL, torneo de fuego, etc. all seem to suggest that air attacks are indeed more dominant than ground attacks, so if OP is looking for variety to watch the top level hits then it seems fair to call out that air dominance despite OP themselves not being at that level.

    I certainly would like miners and hogs to be buffed for example, and I'm speaking from the experience of someone at least a semi-competitive level.

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    btw, looks like there will be in th14 new level of archer tower, air defense and wizard tower, at least. Maybe this will make air less dominant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    SC has already revealed the look of the new levels coming for air defenses, just not the when. As far as air vs. ground, ground is getting WAY more 3 stars this CWL in my wars in Champs3 than air is. It isn't even close.
    I'm seeing ground much more successful than Air both in multiplayer and CWL. Air seems to be used more against us. And at least the higher accounts here use ground.

    My base has always defended well. Eagle, scattershots, infernos all max already. And last 2 defenses were 3* against it with 2 different ground attacks. 3 teslas and 2 builder huts upgrading. Both attacks were from new 14s with boosted level heros and troops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alextzh View Post
    I know there are built in equalizers for air/gnd balance like skel and xbow but they are not really working that well mainly because air skel is kind of useless. Xbow, well there is only that much xbow can do.
    SC really need to launch the extra AD level soon.
    If our just finished CWL is any example ground is much stronger since the update than Air. Yes where I war isn't really high level competition, but several of our opponents were air only clans. It appeared they rushed some accounts just to get max E drags and loons. My clan mates are more ground attackers. I didn't doubt that we could dominate our competition but was surprised at how poorly air attacks did against us.

    I do have to help several members build better war bases to defend against air. Those tight bases get destroyed by chain damage.

    My home base continues to be 3* by ground attacks in Champion league. But I figured out long ago that the % that can be stolen from your base can easily be made up if you are good at raiding yourself! Pets make a huge difference in my attacks. Can't wait until they are max! I predict they will be nerfed long before they add defense levels!

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