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    Chat with Clan Leaders

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    First off I just want to say, love this game, along with the other SuperCell games. Been playing for, well I don't know but I have 7 unique Christmas trees and I didn't start collecting them at the beginning. I have a TH14 (was max TH13 before the update) with max builder base and a lower account as well.

    I have a number of suggestions. I'll do each one in a separate thread to get the descriptive title asked for. I have read through all the rejected and common ideas, I like a lot of them and had some of them on my list as well. I will do my best not to duplicate.

    So here goes…

    I understand the difficulties of open chat, that is not what I'm asking for. Sometimes I might want to talk to the clan leader privately. I can ask him for his personal email and he can in game mail it to me, but he probably doesn’t want to give that out. Allow clam members to in game email the clan leader or a group clam mail box that only leaders can read. The in game email is already there, let's utilize it more. Restricted to just Clan leaders to members and members to clan leaders shouldn’t create an abusive situation. The clan leader can just kick them out. Or maybe make it only elders and up.

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    This is frequently requested and I think ruled out, if you want to do such a thing start a discord server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilimanj99 View Post
    .....I have read through all the rejected and common ideas

    From the 'Currently Ruled Out Ideas' sticky thread:

    "Private Chat/Direct Chat: For instance, between in-game friends or Clans"


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