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Thread: What is the most micro-brained thing you or someone else did in Clash?

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    Upgrading the wrong troop in the lab - I’d have paid the 50% penalty for a “cancel” but there isn’t one

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    >>Spammed rage spells , in my mind i was actually spamming edrags
    >>(recent)Donated troops thinking 1 gem troop donate was still applicable*after gold pass time was up*
    >>(recent)After season ended - got loot from season bank - Got huge amount of DE , instead of upgrading pet first and then upgrading the pet house , I started upgrading pet house

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    Trying to attack my own base and wondering why nothing is happening

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    Will be around wherever Smirks are. *Hugs*
    If I’m distracted at all, I still try to remove trees and logs from bases when visiting before realizing it’s not my base.

    Thanks TerM!

    Got kinda worried snooks might be gf, but seems there's no gf in the set-up so she is absolutely confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toofinedog View Post
    “One-gem” donating the morning of the new season before actually activating the gold pass and/or getting the first 40 challenge points to unlock one-gemming. Thankfully, not today.

    “One-gem” donating any given day on any of my ftp villages.

    I am a slow learner and I do this EVERY season... Sometimes more than once before I realize.

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    Attacking without heros recovering in war attack had to be the worst! But allowing my young grandson to mess with my main account was one I will never forget. Only took him a few minutes to clear all my saved obstacles, buy a bunch of flags and gem everything I had under construction. And he was so proud when he said "look Papa I fixed it!"

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