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    Seems to have crashed here too. On Android

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    Ditto ditto
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    Same here, game not loading on android and ios as well

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    Is clash of clans not loading only for me?

    Clash of clans isn't loading for me.
    I think it's because of the cwl.
    Does it happen to you?

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    same here..cannot load at all

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    Same. Spouse’s CoC updated to the new Daily Challenges and simultaneously I was kicked out and can’t reload.

    ETA: Using Apple devices. Hope nobody is stealing the loot payout. ��
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    Same issue, crashed as I collected season rewards

    Seven years and counting! How did I let this happen?

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    It closed as soon as seasonal challenges completed. I gemmed an ongoing upgrade to start another one

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    Guess small glitch it would be fixed by clash team
    break time
    Quote Originally Posted by abduls View Post
    Same problem

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    Same for me. It happened just as the new season started

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