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    Lightbulb Get Loot on Loss

    It is very frustrating to play the Builder Base when a defensive building is upgrading. I do not want to lose 10 games to win 3 when I am only supposed to play 6 on average to get all the loot for one day and go on with my life. There should be an option to get some loot when you lose, and losing three times can allow you to finish the day without having to play more. Builder Base is supposed to be a quick game mode that one plays during free time.

    To prevent AFK abuse, the loot that is available on a loss should be dependent on the stars. For example, 100% 3 star would get you 70% of the winning loot, 2 stars 60%, and 1 star 50%. Taking this loot takes away one slot of your daily rewards.
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    I only lose three a day a stop. no need going on. However the law of averages would indicate if you lost 10 in one day, there is going to be a couple good days ahead.
    If people got paid for losing, there would be many take advantage of it. I know I would. 50% for a one star loss? Easy days. Every time. I would crash the TH and call it good. Not what SS would want.

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    Farming would become obsolete.

    Adapt, appreciate, and own up to what you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyJoeTheThird View Post
    ...Builder Base is supposed to be a quick game mode that one plays during free time.... .
    Really? That was their intention when released? Highly doubt that is what it is "supposed to be". Granted, over time as it has fallen on the wayside, players may view that as the current purpose for them, but do not equate that to what it is supposed to be. My own hope is that eventually they redefine the concept, find a formula to make the Builder Base a viable game component that players want to play.

    So rather than suggesting ways to spend less time on the base, we should be suggesting changes to make that game play better so that players want to spend more time.
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    You can only get loot 3 times a day, and players play until they get loot 3 times. What's the point of playing 10 matches when you don't have fun in any of those matches? It gets rid of a boring or frustrating part of the game that no one likes: going on a losing streak because a defense is upgrading.

    Martvol makes the point that you will win again after your defense is done upgrading. However, you are still missing multiple days of loot while the defense is still upgrading. Even if the days after it is done are easier, you get less rewards in total. Plus, losing will only get you half the loot. The people who already get 3 wins and care about progressing probably won't settle for that. People who "get 50%" are playing just as much as the people who try to get wins (it's not that much harder to try to get the Builder Hall, and many players are simply spamming troops already so there's not much of a difference). It doesn't save much time to just get 50% because you still have to wait for your opponent, and it's generally much better to let the attack continue to increase your chance of winning at the cost of 15 seconds more time.

    Responding to Ziya645, Farming won't become "obsolete" just because I am still playing the game.

    Responding to rowman, it's either some rewards for a loss or players choosing not to play at all during the upgrade time for a building (that's what I did for Mega Tesla in fact, because it's such an important defense that upgrading it would cause me to loose a few hundred trophies). Frankly the prospect of losing 3 times to get half the loot isn't much fun either, but at least it's better than not playing at all or losing a hundred trophies without any loot. If you want, make the option available only after the player has lost 50 or more trophies to encourage players to strive for 3 wins before defaulting to this option. The much more free-to-play friendly alternative is to allow buildings to attack during upgrade time, but that will cut revenue for Supercell so they obviously would not follow that option.

    Your point about making the game more fun to play is valid, but that doesn't undermine the change that I propose. I propose a band-aid for a problematic situation that does not require much time or coding for them to implement. This can come in tangent with whatever change is made to make the game more fun.
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