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Thread: What is the worst CoC balance change ever made?

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    What is the worst CoC balance change ever made?

    Seeing the thread about nerfing the Idrag a second time it brings up the question of whether something worse has happened with concerns to balance (probably yes). Any thoughts about the worst balance changes?

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    The 3x reversal from Eagle on golems ... which wasn’t reversed as said until reported.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaluEF View Post
    The 3x reversal from Eagle on golems ... which wasn’t reversed as said until reported.
    I agree saying a change was made but not actually making the change for whatever reason is probably as bad as you can get regardless of the actual balance change.

    Other than that, I can’t think of any specific examples that I think are bad just because I don’t like the change. I don’t get hung up on balance changes. Usually, I check to see how a balance change affects my playstyle. If it does, I adjust. If it doesn’t, I make a mental note but otherwise disregard it.

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    The recent donation cap changes (they are balance changes).

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    Remind me, what Balance changes were really bad?
    Except of people's thoughts about CC changes (I am in favor of it)
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    Worst change to balance imv was the March 2016 update, whereby they placed emphasis with the MMA on defense for war matching..
    Is maybe the best change they did too, otherwise I would not have had reason to join community forum.

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    The one where they removed Th sniping. They had no plan to replace the lose of resources for the in game economy that the sniping generated. It crashed the in game economy so bad they had a 1 gem resource boast for 2 months, and they put the next update on hold whole they worked to fix the game.
    Also at the same there was a "bug" that "accidentally" hid dead bases almost immediately. Making resources even scarcer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayankkumar View Post
    The recent donation cap changes (they are balance changes).
    From basically any sort of balance viewpoint the donation caps are improving the balance and not making it worse so it's pretty hard to take this viewpoint seriously.

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    Not a bad balance change but the Bat spell had two nerfs in quick succession when first introduced.
    Cynical thoughts of supercell waiting until a lot of players had gemmed the upgrade and then deciding on the nerf.

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    I really dislike the donation cap changed although I read their reasoning and understand why. Iíve been playing this game for years and this was really the only balance change I had a problem with.

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