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    New tab option "revenge"

    New tab for Available for revenge ,
    I think it's not nice to look alles the people who's attack you for find someone who's available and sometimes not
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    A base can be Revenged only when it is actively within the multi-player matching pool. That is when it is available for you to Revenge, as well as all other bases they attacked recently, and for all players within that same trophy range actively seeking a match! Now, they cannot offer a base to more than one person at a time. You enter Find a Match. You are given a base to either attack, or "Next". It has no idea which the attacker will do, so it must lock that base. If you were given a base in multi-player matching, and after scouting it for 15 seconds, then started an attack but were denied (due to someone else hitting revenge) wouldn't you be mad? I would!

    So a base being "available for revenge" is highly dynamic! It can change state in a split second! If they showed a base as "open for revenge" it dang well better be available, else people would loudly complain. And that is not feasible without a lock on the base (reserving it).
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