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    Barbarian King by far. I often see players with maxed AQ, RC and GW, but BK is often under leveled by 10-30 levels.

    He is not best hero by any means, but for tanking he is insane... He can stay alive for long, 5 seconds, when targeted by single target inferno tower.

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    Making Cannon suffer
    The Clan War tools. Never heard anybody using them, but they can be quite useful.

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    Warriors are OP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giorgakis View Post
    The Clan War tools. Never heard anybody using them, but they can be quite useful.
    What are clan war tools ? Never seen in game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExploringGalaxy View Post
    What are clan war tools ? Never seen in game.
    Those are that you can write message on base and you can claim your target

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    Good clan mates

    They can easily be taken for granted until a few rotten apples shine a light on their real value

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    Inferno dragons.
    Keep one back and once all your troops have ignored the townhall.
    Just let it fly over and do it's thing. Job done.

    Siege blimp with sneakies.
    Why people still try and spam my th with electros is beyond me. 7 sneakies kills a th everytime when dropping out of this thing.

    Most overpowered spell in the game. Nothing else can take out all archer towers, cannons, bomb towers, single infernos, eagle the lot in one big spam. Just remove the wizards, 2 scatters and let them fly. 11 bats and 3 freeze is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega1 View Post
    The social aspect to me is the backbone of this game. You can tell me a troop does this and a spell does that, but if it wasn't for the people I have chatted to along the way...
    Amen to that.

    My second account has just been moved into a sister clan for CWL and I’m suddenly missing my home comforts. Remember the classroom at school where the ‘special’ kids would hang out? This clan is the equivalent of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziya645 View Post
    Troops, Buildings, Heroes, whatever category. I'm not asking what is the weakest or worst, I'm asking underrated...
    It's the well-placed air mine which hones in on my dragons with the lowest HP and killed them when I deployed dragloon. Well done, defender.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    My unending patience. Very underrated. ;-)
    I'd like to think you have an endless reserve of patience since you're the parent of a teenager and also pet owner.
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    Dedicating "The Soft Goodbye" to the Supercell forums and the people who made it an awesome community, the brightest star in the evening sky.

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    blowers. ive seen a blowers completely wreck air attacks if they arent taken out.

    and a good placed skele spell can distract heros while other defenses (inferno tower) quickly take that hero out

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    The feeling of using a polished product and not a tool just used to draw money.
    I can actually see how much love has been put into the game and considering it's a ftp game, I would say I am impressed.The whole clash universe maintains a standard of high quality. I would give some examples of how companies backstab their fanbases but it's against forum rules.

    I mean this should be appreciated, I do see some posts thanking SC though.
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