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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kat View Post
    It is available in my country too however I never signed up for the notification so I have no first hand experience on that.
    I just go by what it said on the website when it wasn’t available yet.

    Keep in mind that an email notification will almost never be full proof as email can also be blocked or sent to the spam box etc so sporadic checking never hurts.

    I will also pass along the feedback though so thx for posting.
    I had the same case. Heard 1 day after it released here that it was available (via someone else). Checked my mail (including spam), but no sign of a notification, which I did sign up for :-)

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    I need some help regarding SuperCell Store:

    My account is from a Latin America country. but I currently live in Sweden, where the store is now available. When I try to buy the Gold Passes it states that I cannot buy it.

    How can I buy the passes? Is it possible to create another account to be able to buy the Gold Passes? How can I create an Swedish account?

    Thank you.

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