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Thread: World transfers

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    World transfers

    - World transfers -

    Hello there, here I want to share my Idea to provide a new feature in general,
    what also will help to ensure to not extremely increase the gap between new players and old ones.

    How it works

    As currently there is no great need for levels in COC, I think that it can be used for some nice features instead
    of just raising and raising.

    My idea is, that with increasing level, you can go to a next COC-World. In this new world, you may have
    new troops and building. There will be old troops as well, starting from lvl. 1 however.

    The worlds can be called as arenas as well of course.

    So let's assume you reached TH 14, and are level 200 or something like that, means
    you maxed out completely and reached a certain level as well.
    Now you have the possibility, to travel to the next world. This however means not, that you
    will loose your old one. You will still be able to travel between them.
    In those new world you may only have some troops from the first one, but new ones as well,
    same for buildings. Also, in this world your TH will be level 1, cause you just started there. Your level however
    won't be touched. Also you will still be in your clan, but your resources will always stay in your world, so
    you won't be able to transfer gold from world one to the other.

    What are the benefits for this system?
    First, I think it's a quite fun feature with a lot of potential, not only for now but in a long-term vision as well.
    Moreover, with this you can stop the gap between players who are playing for years already, and newcomers.
    Newcomers will play in the first world, so until TH 14 or 15. The ones who already achieved everything here, can go
    to the next one and start again, without loosing anything.

    One important thing to mention here is, that worlds should not be see as something where a new
    one can come out every year, but maybe every 5 years etc. The developers can focus on the current world,
    and don't have to mix-up the same world, where you then will have 20 TH's and a endless amount of troops and buildings.

    The general concept of COC won't be touched here, normal fights, normal farming and being in clans.
    Only a more structured way to play, develop an enjoy.

    Please let me know what you think about my concept.


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    I'm confused... are you suggesting that we get to create a new village once we reach a certain experience level? (Which can already be done: many players have multiple accounts with "mini" villages.) Or are you suggesting that SC create an entirely new style of village with new gameplay, troops, and features (similar in concept, at least, to the builder base across the water) that's only available once you hit a certain experience level?

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    It's a mix of both.
    Once you have reached a certain level (or a certain TH is also a possibility), you have the chance to
    go to a new village, similar to the builder village. The difference here is, that instead of having a different
    type of gameplay, you have your known normal village experience. In your new village, you have some of
    the already known troops, as well as new ones. Means, instead that one day you have
    50 kind of troops in your normal village, you will have e.g. all troops until TH 14, and the next-gen troops then will come mostly in the
    second world, what would be more organised in my point of view. You have here normal cw, clan-games and leagues here as well.
    (Of course that would also solve the problem that someday the base is too small for all buildings and will have to be expanded).

    You mentioned that many people have a secondary account anyway. I completely agree to the point,
    and with this method you can start a new village as well. But I think, that the reason why many people are doing so is cause of
    missing options. Once you reached the max level and want to do something again, there is no other choice but creating
    a new village. With the world-system, players have the opportunity to start over again as well, but with old and new troops,
    in a league where you can only can come into once you are far enough in your first village.
    By doing so, you can experience the liked COC gameplay, without starting a village that you have already done before
    without having trouble with new game-rules, like in the builders base.
    Also new players won't have those huge gap between them and the most maxed TH, what can be quite hard to reach when you
    start playing from now one.

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    I think there's a few major issue to overcome here:
    1) players aren't trusting with new villages after many have expressed disappointment over time because of bh. They might be adverse to a new village.
    2) Darian has stated in the past that a new village would need to serve a purpose and feel unique while matching to the current game. Giving a new village to help relieve boredom probably isn't the solution. If it was they could just pump out some builder base levels and call it a day. At least its the evil we know.
    3) ths come out ever 1.8 years. You want New village levels every 5. This means you're waiting longer for the made to relieve boredom to get something than you are waiting for new main village content.

    I just don't see this as the solution to the experience problem nor do I see it as the solution to give max players something to do.

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    Hey there, thanks for your feedback. Let me show you my point of view.

    1.) Yes it’s true, with the builder base we had bad experience, that’s why the new
    world isn’t a new concept of gameplay, it’s just the same. The difference here is only that
    major updates will be set in here.
    2.) Here’s the difference. The whole concept is the basis for new concepts. It won’t prejudice
    any other planed concepts. It would provide a new basis to implement new troops, buildings etc.
    The time where there is not enough space in your village or where the masses of troops are just
    too much will come, so someday a solution must be found anyway (here is your purpose).
    3.) The village would not block any outcome of new TH’s. But instead of reaching TH level
    50 one day, you can have your next lvl 1. TH in your new world, which would be different
    than lvl. 1 TH in your normal world. Yes, it would take longer to bring out new contents to your
    (in this case I would say "first village"), but this is also a big point. What is the purpose for let's say
    TH 8 users of bringing in more features for TH 10 above and a new TH 16,17,18...? Your first village
    will still have small updates, but at some point it will be just too much. With the world-system, new TH's
    etc. will be in the next world, so there is also always a goal for players reaching them.
    But here we are flexible anyway right? So it could also be decided that in your first Village every 2.5 years
    a new TH will come, and in the second one every 1.8?
    As I wrote above, this system is the basis for new things, how it's gonna be made and how other concepts
    will be handled is completely discussable.

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    I am toofinedog wherever I am.
    To me, it looks like a “prestige” system where you start over but retain key stats or attributes, similar to a popular console FPS or even like the roguelike genre.

    If you want to start over but also keep your current village, you can make a new village without adding a confusing system to allow the same thing.

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    Yes, it is similar to well known prestige systems.
    As opposed to those systems however, you won’t loose
    your first village. You will be still able to switch from one to the other.

    For the secondary account, here you will play the same story again you have
    already played. In the world-system however, you have some old troops and also
    new ones. You will have the next TH’s here and also new buildings, which you can’t
    find in your first village.

    And (as mentioned in posts above), you won't have those big gap between max-players and new ones
    or crammed villages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sintax View Post
    And (as mentioned in posts above), you won't have those big gap between max-players and new ones
    or crammed villages.
    But you will have the big gaps. If the new village is unlocked at th 15 and the new village is intended to be how you continue, then its the same as th 16 just reduced down to be a smaller base. A new player still has to go from th 1 to th 15 to get where the maxed players are. The gap still exists.

    Here's some problems to consider:
    1) is your idea a 3rd base or is it a continuation?
    2) if its a 3rd base, why?
    3) if its a continuation, why should we be able to go back to the previous village? I can't go back to th 9 now that I'm a th 14. If the game is about progression then a new village intended to be how we continue should follow the same steps.
    4) how does this idea close the gap between players? Nothing you said closes the gap. Its still for maxed players only so a new player has to be maxed before they can start the new base, thats more content not less.
    5) does this idea do what you think it does? Its a new base to introduce new troops and buildings but is that what it needs to do? If your goal is to close a content gap, making more content doesn't fix this. In fact it creates a different gap. A th 14 can't get donated new troops since its a different village. It actually makes new players wait longer to experience new content.

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    Yes, a certain gap will always be there, no matter if the gap between TH 1 and 2 or the gap
    between TH 1 and 14, that can’t be changed.

    To your points:
    1.) It is a mix out of both a prestige stage as toofinedog mentioned above.
    2.) It’s the second normal village base. The reason is again because your first village
    will become fuller and fuller. Full of troops, full of buildings. A solution for this needs to be
    provided anyway.
    3.) /
    4.) I did not say that it would close the gap, I said that you won’t have that big gap anymore.
    Let’s say, you are in the first world. The world is until TH 15. In the second world you have already
    TH 10, means that in your first world, you have e.g. 25 troops. In the second world you
    have 15 troops. So in your first world you have already reduced the troop gap by 15.
    Same for buildings of course (keep in mind that other than troops buildings need space).
    And yes, it is for the current maxes players only, but because this a long-term concept by time
    it won’t. Also only the fact that you have two (or by time more worlds / prestige stages), will
    reduce the gap. Not in total (as I said before, that will never be possible), but on the based
    world it will. It will make a huge difference, when you are TH 5 and the maxed players are
    TH 30, or if the maxed players are TH 15, even if you know that they have already TH’s
    in the next world. As you don’t play in this league yet, you won’t notice anything about them.
    4.) As I said, it is a mix out of old and new troops. You may have the archer, dragons and balloons
    as you know, and then some new troops as well. Yes it creates a different gap, but as I said in
    (3.) ) it’s a different and perhaps better one than it is now.
    Yes, TH 14 can’t get troops from the other world, but this is same for all TH’s, not only 14.
    You can't donate builder village troops to your normal one as well, it's the same concept.

    For the last point, I think the game has already much features, so new players, can start
    by first experiencing them. Updates are most interesting for old players. When I have just
    joined the game, what do I care about the newest TH update if I don’t even know
    what contents I have with TH 3.

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    Actually, I would like to play in an underground village, a flying village (on clouds) and underwater village.
    But of course, all these villages must have related to theme buildings and new troops, like a sparky-bulldozer to underground village and stuff...
    Hope you understood me😅

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