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    That's fair! I'll just make notes of any ideas I have and either will condense them into one thread from now on, or will wait until I can post again.

    Thank you meonhoc! It's been awhile lol. Life kinda happened as it always does As for the post requirement that was to post more than 5 threads in a day, not actually start a thread if they had a certain post count.

    That's really interesting regarding the report system and how it works. That's what took me by surprise was that we have a limit now. When I was active before we didn't have a limit, but it makes sense. It seems like this last wave of spam that happened had more than 5 threads. Is that possible?
    No. It was probably a couple of rather similar names.

    It is a nuisance that the first report of any post also counts as a thread, but unfortunately the thread limit is all or nothing, we can't set it to not count in the reported posts forum - although oddly, you can still report if you already hit the limit.

    Whichj I suppose is similar to the way special obstacles work in Clash. They count towards the limit, but can still spawn when over it. But there is no connection, as the forum is run using third-party software (vBulletin - quite an old version)

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    And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
    It could be from different forum accounts, each of them starting 5 threads. There are real people behind the spam bot s(or even real people posting them) so they could just adapt to whichever system in place when they find a way.
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