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Thread: Looking for an active neighborhood.

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    Looking for an active neighborhood.

    I'm lvl 23 currently. Just returned to the game and am looking for a friendly international neighborhood to crush derbys with. My ID: #JUGYVQ28
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    🏘️🏘️: Derby Casual hood! Want to derby without the pressure? Come join us here! Just farming🐓, town🚂, valley🏞️ players. Brand new player looking to learn the ropes? C’mon by!!We’d love to have you!! Discord server is shared by all three of the hoods- so there is a ton of comraderie and knowledge here. Want to derby without the pressure? Here’s a spot for you! No requirements, but if you do opt in- please attempt to complete half of the tasks. Looking to learn how to derby? Come learn here!

    ✏️Levels 18 and up

    Interested? 📲 DM me!

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