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    Regulation proposal

    I have 4 accounts and it is very difficult to donate. Send request - change account - donate -change account. I have a suggestion for that. Visit a friend > Tap on Clan Castle > Options = Information + Clan + SPECIAL DONATION > Add a custom donation button. Easier to make cross - account donations

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    That is actually pretty trivial to dobate, not "very difficult".

    I can't see SC ever allowing unrequested donations, which is what you are asking for.

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    Doing what you said takes 1 minute.
    Not a big problem.
    And donating while troops haven't requested will probably ruin the request troops idea.
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    This takes literally 15 seconds to switch my two SCIDs, do you have a really bad internet?
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    Definitely some problems with unrequested donations. Wrong or bad troop donations (might be lockable, but still), less clan interaction, dead base donations, and more. This idea would "fix" your problem but doesn't seem like it would be in the spirit of the game overall.

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