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Thread: 😎😎[Recruiting] TH11+/UNHOLY ROLLERS/ADULT/B2B wars/CWL/ClanGames

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    😎😎[Recruiting] TH11+/UNHOLY ROLLERS/ADULT/B2B wars/CWL/ClanGames

    We are looking for ADULT people that love to war....a lot.
    Specifically looking for some th11&12, as we need some more consistent attackers at the bottom of our war lineup, but certainly will take th13&14 as well.
    You dont have to be a 3s specialist, or even a great attacker, but we do request that you know a couple different attacks and can 3s on occasion.
    The big thing is that you can attack when needed and want to war a lot. (Our wars start around 6pm Pacific and our lowers attack first.)

    I recently did a bit of housekeeping so we have more room for good, ACTIVE players.


    Casual War clan looking to add like minded players.
    ADULT, zero drama, little to no egos.
    Core has been gaming together longer than Clash has been around. We are basically like a family that loves to bring in new members.
    We love to win, but dont freak out if we dont, or if someone has a bad attack. We do have a winning war record. Over 500 war wins.
    We do freak out if you dont use your war attacks in a timely manner.
    We max clan games in the first couple days.
    Many of us have minis/alts so we can manipulate the numbers for war if need be to get everyone in that wants to participate or leave people out for hero upgrades, etc. Therefore, you can opt in/out as needed with no punishment.
    Most of us are busy professionals that just love to Clash.
    As an adult clan we are nowhere near PG13, and really enjoy giving each other a hard time (all in good fun). A good sense of humor is a must.
    No outside chat app needed.
    All we ask is that you are active and help the clan in some way, be it games, war, donations, chat, etc.

    **We would also merge with (you join us) a small clan or group of friends.

    Message me here and we can see if its a good fit for both parties. Or come by and check us out. Just mention that youre from The Forums.


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