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Thread: [Recruiting] RAIS WARIORS (#UG8LCRL9) | Level 15 | TH9+ | Clan Games/Wars/CW

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    Talking [Recruiting] RAIS WARIORS (#UG8LCRL9) | Level 15 | TH9+ | Clan Games/Wars/CW

    Hey Clashers!

    If you want to help me out, help me go from zero to hero, RAIS WARIORS is the clan for you!

    I came back to my accept and started playin clash of clans again after 2 years...I saw that there were only 2 people left in my clan. No, seriously only two people! I am looking forward to rebuild my clan. My clan is going to be a relaxed and non-stress clan. I will start wars whenever my classmates agree. So hurry up join some can build my clan together!
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