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Thread: How To: Run Your Casual-Serious Clan without Running Everyone Off

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    How To: Run Your Casual-Serious Clan without Running Everyone Off

    A bit of backstory...

    I'm an old-timer on COC, been playing since just after it appeared in Canada in 2012, with a few breaks here and there. Currently working towards TH14. I was a freemium player until th12 and realized I had to get the pass if I ever wanted to reach max.

    In any case, I've been in 6 or 7 really great clans over the years, always reaching Co and holding various positions (Base Lord, War Chief, etc), even with YouTuber Chief Pat in the beginning, but I've never had the time in my life to play serious enough to be a pro. I play for fun, as do most players.

    One issue I see all the time, is that clans that advance to Masters, all of a sudden start harrassing their players to get better to reach Champs. But now you're changing the rules of the clan?

    I developed this system a couple years back, used it and applied it as a War Chief to good effect. It helps you as a Co or Leader to set expectations and realize who the people that need real help are. More importantly to keep good players and be content with having fun as a non-pro clan.

    Feel free to give me some feedback on it.

    Current Clan - Sweet n' Saucy

    How to evaluate attacking capability in COC for Co-Leaders & Clan Leaders for non-pro clans

    Everyone wants that DUB 3-Star, but did you know only 2.5% of the world’s players can reliably 3-star their equal weight war opponent or higher? These are the pros…

    So unless you are a professional clan, willing to play 2-4 hours per day and 4-6 hours per day on a war day, your average player will not be putting in the time needed to master 3-4 different war strats and able to reliably 3-star in every war and CWL.

    Supercell balances the game around this metric in order to keep it competitive. So while we all want to hit 3 stars, leaders and players have to keep in mind that it is the ‘ultimate goal’ but not the standard or expected norm.
    Average players that play COC for fun on the other hand, range in the amount of time invested from a couple hours per day to a few hours per week and this has to be taken into consideration for non-pro clans.
    So what should you expect?

    I have typically played in casual-serious clans. What does that mean? Usually, these clans are serious about their war efforts, expecting every member to complete their attacks or face expulsion. While they are more understanding than a pro-clan with sub-3-star attacks, they still expect improvement and consistency.

    These clans expect to have winning regular war records and want to be promoted in CWL as high as they can, however, most of the clans I have been in struggle to get to Champs at this ‘casual-serious’ level. Most of these clans hover consistently in Crystal to Master levels depending on the quality of members.

    They are casual, because the time commitment is not standardized or maintained and allow players to decide their own commitment levels.
    How to Break Up Your Great Clan

    As well, I feel it is a constant issue in the upper tier clans in this group, that once they get Master II or Master I, they attempt to push their members into a pro-style clan and expect better results in order to push to Champions and truly compete at a top-tier level. It is at this stage that I find these clans tend to break down. The members that are casual-serious cannot commit the time needed and get frustrated with the constant pressure and did not sign up for that type of play style and commitment. Arguments break out, members get fed up and start to leave for another ‘casual-serious’ clan where they can enjoy their entertainment.
    Grading Your Members for Attacks

    So for leaders in this range of clans, what can you expect from members? How can you rate your members ability to get the best from them without pushing them out of the clan by placing too much expectation on them?

    Below is a guideline, based on my experience. Of course, you’ll get players that fall below and above these standards, but that helps you understand who your stronger and weaker members are and can help them accordingly.

    For example, scoring under a ‘Good’ does not mean the player is terrible at attacking, it could mean they took the wrong army composition for the defensive base style, they failed at critical points in the attack (ie: funnelling, cc draw out, strat specific critical points), or simply had a bad day. However, if they are consistently scoring less than Good, these members need your attention more.

    As a clan leader, you hope to get ‘Good’ results and coach players in achieving the next level up compared to their abilities. If a member is consistently in the BEST range, expect to lose them to a top-tier warring clan if that’s their goal.

    NOTE: Below considers the overall level of a TH and does not consider largely over-weighted differences between offensive and defensive aspects of a TH. For example, a TH12 with max defensives but not equally upgraded troops/spells/heroes has a different expectation for attacking than a player with max Heroes/Troops/Spells with mid-range defensives. My assumptions with the ratings below, is that a players Heroes/Troops/Spells match their typical defensive weighting. This is also why I’d suggest never accepting rushed bases to your clan.
    Here is my personal rating system, which can be used on any TH in any war:
    Attacking up

    Typically, leaders expect too much from up-attacks in a casual clan. Here is a good guide of what you can expect from your non-pro players.

    1. Attacking Up 2+ TH levels – 1 Star, scouting or loot raid.
      1. Lowest members in regular wars can often ‘show the way’ for those high level bases and help secure a high 2-star or 3-star on top bases by your top attackers.

    • Good1 star, 50%+
    • Better1 star, 75%+
    • Best – 2 stars, 50%+

    1. Attacking Up 1 TH Level – 2 star, 50%+

    1. A great gambit in close wars, to allow higher members to down attack for three stars, but don’t expect 2 stars from all up-attacks.

    • Good – 1 star, 75%+
    • Better – 2 stars, 50%+
    • Best – 2 stars, 75%+

    *An Up-attack 3-Star is a unicorn, if you see it, clip it and ship it.
    Attacking Equal

    The prize arena of all wars, regular and CWL, where you should expect a consistent 2-star from your members for non-pro clans.

    1. Attacking Low-Range Same TH – 2 Star, high %

    1. A max TH attacking the same level but new TH should consistently get higher % 2-stars with the occasional 3-star. However, as you get into the higher THs (TH10-14) with more complex defensive bases and army attacking strategies, expect more 2 stars even here.

    • Good – 2 stars, 75%+
    • Better – 2 stars, 90%+
    • Best – 3 stars

    1. Attacking Same-Range Same TH – 2 Star, high %

    1. Attacking a near equal war weight opponent should result in a minimum of 2 stars and your best attackers of the clan should get 3-stars with some consistency.

    • Good – 2 stars, 75%+
    • Better – 2 stars, 90%+
    • Best – 3 stars

    1. Attacking Up-Range Same TH – 2 Star, mid-high %

    1. Especially in the upper TH ranges (TH10-14), a new TH attacking a near max at the same TH level should be expected to 2-star, but generally with lower %. Expect only occasional 3-stars in this attack range.

    • Good – 2 stars, 60%+
    • Better – 2 stars, 80%+
    • Best – 3 stars

    Attacking Down

    This is where I feel a lot of Leaders expect 3 stars without justification, especially in war. If you want consistent 3-stars on down attacks with casual players, you probably have to attack down 2 TH levels.

    1. Attacking Down 1 TH Level – 2 Stars, High %

    1. You can only expect a 3-Star on a Down 1 TH Level attack from a) your best attackers and b) by a Max TH on a low-mid range Down 1 TH with casual players. Consider this in your war plans. For example a mid-range TH13 attacking a Max TH 12, should not be expected to 3 Star, even if that is the goal and hope. Especially true in THs 10-14.

    • Good – 2 stars, 75%+
    • Better – 2 stars, 90%+
    • Best – 3 stars

    1. Attacking Down 2 TH Level – 3 Stars

    1. While I expect even most casual players to attain a 3 Star on a Down 2 TH level attack, we have all seen epic fails. THs 5-9, you should expect more fails because max CC troops can often kill attacks quickly. In THs 10-14, CC troops become less of an OP factor and you can expect more consistency in 3-Star attacks.

    • Good – 2 stars, 90-94%+
    • Better – 2 stars, 95-99%+
    • Best – 3 stars

    Ranking & Rating Your Players on This System

    Apply a star system to every war attack by a player in your clan. Part of this is subjective in special circumstances as noted below. Also, this system covers mainly attacking, and not defenses in wars, add it in as a factor, explained below.
    By using the standards above, apply these star-ratings to each member’s attacks:

    • NI – 0 stars (did not achieve a star in the above ranking system)
    • Good – 1 star
    • Better – 2 stars
    • Best – 3 stars

    NI means ‘Needs Improvement’. If you have members in the 0-1.9 rating range, they need your attention to ensure you can continue to win wars. Non-pro clan wars are won, on average, in the 2 star range (2.0-2.5 average stars), so if members cannot get 2 stars in this ranking, they’re probably not averaging 2 stars in your wars either.

    Aim to coach all your members to 2.0 stars in this ranking. This will take a concerted effort to track stars and review their attacks. By doing so, you’ll gain a much better understanding of who needs help immediately, who needs help in specific areas of attacking (army choice, funnelling, starting points etc) and those members that do not need help and can be left alone, even if they fail once in awhile.

    What it will also do, is allow you to plan your wars strategically, laying out attacking plans that maximize not only your total war star count, but also your % destruction which in close wars can be the arbiter of the winner.

    In your statistical analysis you could drop the best and worst deviations from each players scores to get a better idea of their true capability. This takes our their worst and best performances that could be equated to OP metas, off-days or whatever else.
    Adding Defenses as a ranking factor

    You could track that separately based on how many 1, 2 and 3 star hits your members receive with reverse stars given.
    Your clan member is:

    • 3-Starred = 0 stars
    • 2-Starred = 1 star
    • 1-Starred = 2 stars
    • 0-Starred = 3 stars

    Apply this ranking on all war attacks against members, not just the ‘best attack’ shown by COC. Those consistently getting 3-starred by equal weighted opponents may need a new base design.

    Remember however, the lowest members in war will get 3-starred more often then your top members, as those are ‘easy stars’ in wars. Only measure attacks against your members +/- 1 TH level to ensure it is a fair ranking. You can realistically expect your clan average to be between 1.25 to 1.75. Those under 1.25 may need help in base design, or are somewhat rushed bases potentially.
    Adding Destruction % as a ranking factor

    Adding total average destruction per attack across all of a member’s attacks would add in another layer of analysis for leaders. This could help inform further who needs help. Two members could theoretically have the same score from the analysis above, but have quite different average destruction percentages.
    Special Circumstances

    If an attack parameter falls outside those described above you may need to make a judgement call on the stars given each player, or decide not to apply a star rating for that specific attack.

    Rushed bases – if you are ranking defenses in war as well, these bases will fall outside of every average. The consideration is then, are these members ‘Best’ attackers? If not, you should probably make them upgrade their bases or boot them. This is a dead meta, better to make them go through the pain now.

    Loot Attacks – war is over, you’ve won by a landslide, should you rank these attacks? No. You want your ranking to be reflective of actual war attacks. Let these go un-ranked.

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    Amazing how it looked great in the editor, and then turned into that formatting nightmare. Oh well.

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    Been running a Champs clan for several years now started as a bunch of people who knew each other, everyone started quitting we went through 4 different mergers. Now the clan has 721 war wins 226 L's and still going strong! Our latest merger we brought on a clan whose leader make a war statistics sheet every month, its very detailed and helps us keep track of how well everyone is doing. We never really push anyone like "you gotta get better" but at the end of each month we'll send a clan mail on who were the top 5 offensively and defensively. We're all TH 14's and do 25-30 man wars, we also post the stats sheet on discord for whoever wants to see it but we don't wanna stress everyone out too much. Enjoyed your write up looks like you're a die hard clasher if you ever want to pop by my clan feel free #9C88RQ2V Clan name Womi cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacLochlan View Post
    Amazing how it looked great in the editor, and then turned into that formatting nightmare. Oh well.
    Is a lot of information there Lachlan, so was never going to be so easy on the eye..

    However, is interesting stuff, and well worth a read for anyone looking for a system, of which there are usually plenty of people asking.

    Seems like a balanced and well informed way of keeping score..
    Think it could well help a lot of folk, both with your insight into management, and the scoring system itself..
    Well done.

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    Terrific work-up Lochlan! I've been in the same casual clan for quite some time, and your system would align quite well with how I'd rank our own attackers. It took everything we had in terms of collective skill just to push to Crystal I, and we've hovered between dominating Crystal II and struggling in Crystal I for several months since. If more people understood and applied a system like yours, then it would be massively helpful. I'm past my days of pushing the other less competitive folks in our clan, because pushing hard to climb any higher in CWL leagues would start to conflict with the tone of our clan.

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