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    Multiplayer base is not correct for defence

    My multiplayer base is not correct when someone attacks me. Buildings, defences and walls are missing. It looks like a really old base I used to have around TH12 currently TH14. That base is not in any of my slots so not sure why it reverts to it in multiplayer. The correct multiplayer base is there if friendly challenge. The war base is also correct, it is only the multiplayer base that is missing buildings, walls and defences. I have tried changing the active base and than reactivating the base I want. Copying my multiplayer base into a war base slot and copying it back to multiplayer slot. Copying my war base into the active multiplayer base slot. Uninstalled app and reinstalled. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

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    Are you in Legends League?

    You have to reset your Legends League base any time you add any buildings or walls, they do not get added automatically. Or if you move any buildings.

    The only things that happen automatically are building upgrades on buildings already in place.

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