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Thread: New Boosters

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    New Boosters

    I would like to see a new booster or two added.

    Boosters for speeding up the making of a machine or Town building, as well as a booster for a percentage of cost off to build the machine or building. Adding boosters for 10% - 50% off of time, and 10% - 40% off cost would be a real welcome. If 50 percent is too high, then maybe 1 star booster starts at 10% and 5 star booster tops out at 30%.

    Now I realize that the last level a new machine arrives is level 87 (Deep Fryer), but even with the newest update it would help everyone who is level 87 or higher get the new Bath kiosk. This particular building costs 850k coins and takes 4 days to complete.

    There are many farmers who may be higher level, and may not see the benefit of this, but there are many that have multiple farms and can benefit from this with their baby farm. The booster can be saved for future updates as well.
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    I agree with this.

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