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Thread: Practice Mode

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    I never fount these any more then just free loot.

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    Because I consistently get matched with 1 or 2 TH's higher than me I think it would be good that SC offers practice and strategies to attack in those scenarios. Otherwise it's just "do the best you can" which can be frustrating when Season pass and Clan games often offer "3 star" challenges which as stated above are far and few between.

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    Friendly challenges?

    FYI you are not "matched" th by th in classic wars but as a total of all in the war.
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    I was referring to general attacks,, not wars or cwl. Friendly challenges help as well as the support of my clan, but it would be nice to offer practice against higher town halls if the player is going to be matched against them.

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    Just attack up in multiplayer. I do that all the time by choice. If the first match on my new th13 is a th14, and the loot is good, I hit it. I’m using a basic yeti wiz army to conserve DE.

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