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Thread: An idea that can fix the hassle of getting to a new TH and getting the same but lvl1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chased123456 View Post
    I'm curious as to what each of you thought about my proposed modification to the OP's idea as it address both of these concerns.

    Time and resources would be at penalty amounts for example: lvl placing a new archer tower at level 10 would cost 4 mil instead of the 3.5 it would take to upgrade, and it takes 4 days instead of 3 days.

    The feature would be optional since there's a penalty so you can upgrade it as normal on your own time if you like. The feature would be there for those who want to not need to come back to the low levels.
    My opinion of the main idea doesn’t really change. As I understood your modification, it would be more expensive in time and cost to do several levels at once, so I don’t see it as something that can be abused, but as an active clasher wanting the freedom to not have to upgrade any single defense another level in the given moment isn’t ideal to me. What it really does is in a sense automate the upgrade process up to a certain level, whether max or near max, allowing the clasher to not play/login as often.

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    I feel that the issue this idea is trying to solve isn't even an issue. The upgrade times and costs are relatively painless for a task that logically we should do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chased123456 View Post
    Could you explain how you reached this conclusion? Under my proposed change to the idea, if someone is rushing then they might not upgrade older towers. Is your concern we will see uniform levels and people will stop rushing if they can place new buildings at the previous max level?
    I'd rather not have only maxed bases to attack, the idea would cause significant issues to farming and could only rely on conventional attacking instead of staying at low leagues.

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