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    Meh. Mediocre rewards this time. I'll just get my 4k and take whatever.

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    Sometimes ...............................................

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    BoB is great for us new to TH14.
    Rune of builder gold, 3rd time on offer out of 4 mths however is more frequent then I think is needed.

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    I don't know about anyone else, but builder potions are looking good, even more than a rune, for the first time in a long time.

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    But when builder base is maxed for months. One will always prefer time reducing potion over builder runes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vhs View Post
    Yeah, no surprises here. Supercell wants people to spend money, so they'll put in a rune of builder gold after an update which did nothing for the builder base. To me, the priority right now would be either a BOH or DE rune.
    Given that tier also has the option of two builder potions, and given that it seems likely to me that more new Th14s will be wanting Book of Building than Book of Heroes, I don't see where you get the idea that the rewards are designed to encourage people to spend money.

    Yes, there are certainly some who will prioritise the heroes over buildings, but many won't. I now I will very happily take either BoB or BoH on either of my top 2 accounts (or even on my 3rd, though that one wasn't maxed TH13, and is upgrading to TH14 the "regular" way at the moment).

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    Hey, the leaks were fake, these are much much better. Awesome.

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    I’d prefer the BOB too as a new TH14- thanks. I’ll have a BoH coming up in the trader cycle on Friday, so now my building upgrades are unfolding I may or may not take that too. If I can be smart with my DE, i have a DE troop upgrading in the lab which I will let finish, a BoF already in magic items and a BoF from the gold pass. It’s all good fun trying to plan it anyway

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    I was hoping for bob this time also needed it and then i see clan game rewards post and darian be like: Boom you looking for this ?

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    Why is there no more tier VII for 75k?
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