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    Personal Train is harder to use now

    Since the sanctuary is expanded, itís much harder to pick up townies with the personal train. Itís repositioned now so you have to scroll to touch the neighborís train. Not too bad if just visiting one neighbor, but quite annoying when visiting multiple neighbors to pick up townies.

    This is more evidence to me that they donít care at all about the town. They havenít updated it at all in years despite us constant asking about it. Itís so strange that they seem to listen to us about some things and completely ignore us on others. Iím guess Iím just disappointed since the town is my favorite part of the game and it feels neglected to me.

    Maybe they will hear us on this one and fix this. They didnít fix the similar issue with the DD so Iím not getting my hopes up.

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    If it helps any then I can certainly say that I agree and itís annoying having to scroll over to the town station / area all the time.

    We actually did report port this yesterday morning already so hopefully it can be fixed.

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    Yes, it seems like its centered in the middle of the whole area and not at the station. I do hope they fix it.

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    Yes, I feel same. Hopefully, they can fix it soon.

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    Agree, hope it can & will be fixed. 🤞 Glad to hear it's been reported.

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    I find this annoying too but I thought I was just being too picky.

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    I find it annoying, too, but on the upside I’m taking the time to look at what changes my neighbors have made to the sanctuary exansion area.
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    It's just the usual thoughtless change that Supercell manages to implement because whoever tests the updates doesn't play the game the way a real user does. If a regression test of the town had been part of the testing anyone could have seen it would be a problem. Their testing of an update's impact on gameplay is generally terrible.

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    The fixing of known issues leaves much to be desired as well. Reactivate task is still not working properly and that was known months ago.
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