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    I agree with OP on this one. I do queen walk/charge hybrid and have not found a pet that works well on the queen walk least in legends where you have to be ready for any layout.

    The owl will often wake up a th too early.
    The unicorn dies due to the th unless you spend spells keeping it alive. So I bring my normal 5 healers anyhow.
    The yak can open a wall you dont want opened
    Lassi takes some damage for the aq and then dies quickly. Its nice to have lassi taking hits but its almost never needed as aq is under healers.

    So, the pet on my queen is basically a throw away. But the pets on the other heros have a huge impact. If anyone has found a queen walk/charge pet combo that is working let us know.

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    Pets require a builder for upgrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisk View Post
    Pets require a builder for upgrade?
    No. You upgrade them in the pet house.
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    I kinda played the long game. Did the slow build of the pet house 1st off. Along with the lab. Used all my builder potions. Ending up cutting overall time down to about a week. Bought a BoB from the trader for lvl2. Then hammered to 3 and 4. So I've only just got my pets. Lassi went straight down for upgrade.
    So haven't really played with them much and worked out a fav.
    The owl seems pretty useless for ground so that will prob b my last to upgrade.
    Still trying to work out if I will upgrade the other 3 all together or focus on 1.
    The unicorn is a lot more expensive too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pb913 View Post
    From what I've seen the following is the best pairing:

    BK - Uni
    AQ - Yak
    GW - Owl
    RC - Lassi
    i use the RC as an outside clean up that sweeps around the base as my main attack goes inside. So the unicorn paired with the RC works best for me...I get a lot of value out of her.

    BKy - is my tank
    RCu - clean up
    and I agree with GWo and AQl is how mine go.

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    I agree that Queen is the worst, when it comes to pets.

    Unicorn cannot replace a Healer cause it dies quickly being next to the Queen. Splash damage removes the unicorn to early in the charge.
    Owl dies even faster cause of splash and air defences, being close to Queen.

    Lassi is usefull, i'd say 25% of the time cause it takes some damage instead of the Queen and that might matter in some rare ocassions, but still thats not something amazing or reliable.

    Yak is the same, tanking maybe for the Queen but it also opens walls wich make the Queen walk where we didnt plan it. It can ruin the charge plans altering Queen path.

    I got to the conclussion Lassi for Royal. Owl for Warden. Yak for King (helps him get behind the wall if enemy Queen/Royal get his attention, or clearing trash towards the end)

    Upgrading wise, i think Lassi and Owl are the priority. And im using Unicorn for Royal or Warden when their pets are upgrading. Nothing for the Queen.

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    Queen seems to be the biggest headscratcher when it comes to pets, so I did following:

    I found myself putting Lassi on queen as she (?) can distract enemy defenses/heroes long enough for queen to take them out.

    The owl on Warden as she’s unusable for other heroes (air defenses take it out rather quickly).

    Yak on king to help with funnel - king provides firepower and yak clears the way

    Lastly the unicorn on Royal Champion (we call her Amazon in my clan, according to Greek mythology) to keep her alive a bit longer.

    Tested with lvl 7 pets, I see this as best composition to be honest. At least for my queen charge/miners composition.

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