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Thread: Eclipse [Mass Recruiting] Brand New Clan lvl 1!

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    Eclipse [Mass Recruiting] New lvl 2 Clan!

    Hey everyone!

    My IGN is feefee, and I am a lvl 155 th11, TitanIII. I am a 19 year old female.

    I started this clan from scratch nearly 3 weeks ago, so this one is going to take some work for it to thrive. I am currently looking for th12 players and above due to the need for more regular donating of siege machines and max lvl troop donations. (but th10/11 are also welcome).
    I have made quite a few clans in the past and have played for 8 years so I have experience in what is required of a leader.
    I am looking for loyal players who love war (including CWL and clan games), donate a ton, enjoy having chats about random topics, and most of all are here to have a laugh.
    Both farming and trophy pushing are welcome. No rushed bases if possible as it upsets war matching algorithms.
    My timezone alternates between GMT+1 and GMT+2, however my clanmates come from all over the world (the US, Canada, France, Australia, India, the Philippines, Spain etc.). The clan’s main language is English.

    Clan info:
    Name: Eclipse
    Clan level: 2
    Clan location: International
    Clan language: English
    Required trophies: 2600
    Required th lvl: 12
    CWL: Crystal II
    Age range: This is mainly an adult clan, but 16+ are welcome. If you are disrespectful or immature, you will be kicked.
    Elders and co-leaders are given out by looking at factors such as loyalty to the clan, donations, and how active you are in helping out either with the running of the clan, or your fellow clanmates.

    This is an opportunity to help set up a brand new clan and be part of its OG clanmates! If you are interested in joining, come say hi

    Hope to see you soon,
    Feefee xx
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    Apr 2021
    I am th11 and have 2400 trophies. Do you mind lowering the trophies from 2600 to 2400 so I can join? 👍🏻

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