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Thread: Books Being Used Unintentionally

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    Lightbulb Books Being Used Unintentionally

    Dear Clash of Clans Developers,

    I hope all of you are well. Before I begin, I just want to say that I am eternally grateful to you guys for making Clash of Clans the game that it is today-- totally awesome!

    My concern is about Books being used by accident. For example, (this happened yesterday) it was just 2 hours left for my Grand Warden (GW) to finish its upgrade when I decided to use gems to finish it immediately. Upon tapping the GW, there is the Gem Button and Book Button right next to each other with the book being at the right-most end of the options. I was aiming to tap the gem with my right thumb (I am right handed) when suddenly I accidentally tapped the book (I have big thumbs). That was it. It was used up all of a sudden to finish my GW upgrade unintentionally. The thing is, the game did not ask me first if I want to proceed using the book or not. Using the gem, on the other hand, prompts the system to ask for my confirmation first before proceeding.

    To prevent this from happening again in the future, can we add a confirmation screen both in using the books and the gems? I hope that you would consider this. This will greatly reduce books being used by accident. Thanks, team!

    Kind regards,


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    Are you sure?

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    Did you have a reflex action o press the centre button for gems, then forgot you clicked book
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    I think we already get that message or you even pressed that also unintentionally ?
    If yes then i don't think 2nd confirmation pop up should come as you may press even that also (unintentionally).
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    Thanks, guys! Hmmm it was my mistake then. Sorry ✌️
    I might have pressed the confirmation as well without me knowing it. It just happened so quick. I was kinda sleepy also that time. Thanks all for the help. Glad to be part of this forum 😁😁😁

    Clash on!

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