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Thread: BH Upgrade Timer Stuck?

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    BH Upgrade Timer Stuck?

    A few hours ago I started the upgrade on my BH from lvl 8 to lvl 9. Once I started the upgrade, I used a Clock Tower potion to speed up the process. After coming back to the game a few hours later, I noticed the timer is stuck. It is still showing 4 d 12 hr (I have gold pass with 20% boost). I also cannot see the builder “building” on the BH. Is there a way to fix this? I’d hate to have to cancel the upgrade and lose out on resources and the waste of a clock tower potion.

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    Check your storage if the potion is still their. If not then clear cache of the app maybe it fix itself.
    It it still not work feel free to contact theningame support in the game.

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