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Thread: Can't get 6 digits verification code?

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    Question Can't get 6 digits verification code?

    I tried to play my game farm in another phone, but i can't get 6 digits verification code in my email. I talked to an agent in Hay Day Support but they wrote that " Unfortunately, there is nothing else we can add to help you with this matter".
    I think they tried best but still i can't get verification code, now i want to change current email address of my farm to new email address that i can get verification code easily.
    what should i do? I wrote to hay day support agent again but i didn't get response. Please help me 🙏

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    It is something that appears to happen from time to time...

    I just tried to get a verification code too and also didn't receive a mail (I'm also running my own mail server so I know supercell didn't even attempt to deliver the mail...)

    The only course of action that 'fixed' it in the past was to try again later..

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