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Thread: Adding "ID Friends" does not offer to add new in game friends

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    Adding "ID Friends" does not offer to add new in game friends

    New in game friends are not shown in list for adding as "ID Friends".

    You can add ID friends by lots of means (QR codes, sharing a link, nearby device, etc), but if the person is remote and you have not shared contact details - then there is no way that works to add new in-game friends as 'ID Friends'

    Serious bug with new feature really .I its its usefulness.

    While fixing this, please also consider including code to enable "Neighbours" to be added as "ID Friends" without having to make them in game friends first.
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    Isn't that the same with Game Center or Facebook friends or Friend Book?

    If you want stranger to add you, you can share the profile link to your signature for example.
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