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Thread: Looking for new home derby focused lv 99

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    Looking for new home derby focused lv 99

    I am looking for a neighborhood that isn’t too terribly big and who grants elder status right away because I like the ability to be able to trash anything that’s under 320 and that being said I am in it to finish. I am a truck driver so I am not looking for a hood where tasks must finish in less than 3 days. Sometimes I can but most times I finish with 9 or 18 and extra task if needed in 5 days, tired of my old place every time we get champion now they seem to fail out and get us kicked back Truckers Haven, level 99 town level 23 long time player since 2014
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    I think our hood will be perfect for you!! We are small but perfectly formed. Very derby focussed and really looking to recruit new neighbours. Give us a shout!

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    Amarillo by Mornin’
    Come join us #990jqv9p
    Level 55 and above
    Come join Amarillo by Morning!♥ We are a fun group and looking for friendly and enthusiastic Hay Day players.

    We have a relaxed derby and usually play for horseshoes, but at times we do play to place in the top three.♥ If you opt in to play the derby, we do require that you finish all 9 tasks.♥ We delete all tasks under 300.♥ We do pitch in and help each other with derby tasks as well as other help in general.

    We are an English speaking group, so being able to speak and understand English is important. We are a polite group and use good manners and are family friendly.

    So, come on in and join our neighborhood!♥ We look forward to meeting♥you!

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    ����Shells Farms #YYPYG89Y is a neighbourhood made up of experienced players and we are looking for new ✨derby player✨ members at ✨levels 80+✨ to help and be helped by our higher level players!

    ��At the moment we have 25 members up to level 167. We have 3 gold, 1 silver trophies and are in Champions league

    �� All members are made elders on joining

    Group rules:
    �� Be kind
    �� Help out other members
    �� Opt out of derby if you can't achieve the minimum task requirement that week
    �� Use chat and requests to help others and ask for help yourself
    �� You can trade with members in-game, no trading with members on other platforms

    Derby rules:
    ��Play 7 / 320 point tasks (or equiv according to derby type - details are posted on the group messages)
    �� Opt out of derby if you can't play minimum derby tasks that week
    �� Ask for help if you need it
    �� Communicate if there's a reason you can't complete your derby tasks
    �� Trash tasks that are less than 320 points
    �� No time minimum to complete your tasks other than the end of the derby
    �� Bonus task is optional
    �� Members will be removed before end of Derby for not following rules (after discussion with the member where possible)

    �� Members are English speaking and from all over the world, so people are active at all times of day and night which helps gameplay and requests

    �� Looking for daily active, friendly and helpful people to join and make the game even more fun playing together

    �� If you are friendly ��, active and helpful you will fit in well! We'd love to have you! #YYPYG89Y

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    Did you join a neighborhood?

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    How about a neighborhood of 1? I need help to grow and would love to have you!

    "White Horse Ranch"
    Hi, Im level 126 and have recently returned to HayDay!
    Currently a NH of 1.
    Im looking for a few members only to keep my NH small.
    Im want to start a Quiet NH but if you like to chat some is ok.
    Derby 320/400 points and must play town.
    If you cant play you must opt out.
    If you ask for help, help is expected in return.
    Im from the East Coast USA
    but everyone is welcome level 75+ required to join.
    Will promote to elder so you can trash tasks
    English only please!
    Hope to see or hear from you soon!

    White Horse Ranch
    Blue flower circle with white horse

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