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    Quote Originally Posted by patchan43 View Post
    After the update, my inbox has been blank, even the walking chicken is gone. Also I can not zoom out to look at my farm and town as much as before. It feels a bit too tight. Please fix it. Mine is iphone 6.
    That device is pretty old now. I’m not sure if that’s the reason for the issues you’re having but might try a newer device. I had a 6 Plus so I feel your pain. I’d noticed some issues before I upgraded to a newer device.
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    Message in supercell ID wants me to change my name but i donít want to is there a work around?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulF View Post
    Great update. Especially like now when swapping farms you have put the level numbers which helps me know which Id is which.

    Also once you add friends how do you remove any unwanted friends from your list

    Open SC ID screen > tap on the friend you want to remove > tap on the blue "Friend" icon on the right of their avatar > Confirm to Unfriend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momforever39 View Post
    Message in supercell ID wants me to change my name but i don’t want to is there a work around?
    I just re-entered my name, it seemed to accept that and works fine. I hope this helps!

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