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Thread: New player!! Teach this game to me please :) #8ju9u8p90

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    Wink New player!! Teach this game to me please :) #8ju9u8p90

    New to this game although a level 8 now, I really don't know how this works lol

    find me here--> #8JU9U8P90

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    Well I'm a level 11 now ��

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    Join A Teaching Neighborhood

    When you reach level 18 (shouldn't be long) join our teaching neighborhood. We have a complete playbook on how to play Hay Day optimally. We even award coins to our top derby contributors! ;-)
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    Level 16 Bump! #8JU9U8P90
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    Level 16 Bump! #8JU9U8P90
    Until you reach level 18 when you can join us, avoid truck orders and focus on feeding your farm animals and harvesting crops. This will build up your coins and diamonds. Use the tools to upgrade your barn and silo. Look for the most profitable items to produce and crops to harvest. Sell all crops and products in your Roadside Shop for maximum coins. Slow and steady is the way to build a robust farm.
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