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    Quote Originally Posted by AFRO View Post
    Must have missed this one... Chill out. I am a good natured poster.. you yourself admitted to making a critical error and then felt the need to come here and post about it.. but then dont need me to 're-epmhasise'

    okay boss..
    I did miss that last part, however your post was still pretty patronising and as I said unnecessary. My only actual point, which you only addressed right at the end, was whether getting out of Legends should be as time consuming as it currently is. A point to discuss, or to not, but not worthy of ridicule.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vansimon View Post
    no league you in has a auto drop mode...
    If you signup you are in,
    No other league forces you to sign-up and "opt-in" people are simply asking for an alternative. What if you do not sign-in? Are you back in Titan I? No, but maybe you should be if you choose not to join Legend.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    the fact that all the matches are made at the start of the day is what would cause issues for a more instant drop. Other players have already been assigned your base in their target list.
    This is only true once you opt-in. If there were an actual option here (currently you are not really given an option, you are just stuck in a sort-of "Lobby" until you say yes), you could respond that you choose not to enter the Legend format and instead return to Titan I at a certain trophy value and your base would never be assigned to anyone.

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    i've just made that mistake a few days ago

    And also it was the first time i used the button "revenge" just so i could enter into a battle, drop heroes and lose trophies without assign to legends league

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    Farm in Titans 2, or be very careful in Titans 1.

    I find that in Titans 1 there are a lot of exhausted bases, I guess people exhausted from legends having just been spat out the bottom. These are easy to three star if you are not paying attention.

    Also, in Titans 1, there are a lot of people similarly wanting to drop trophies, and you can easily be given a lot of trophies when logged out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vansimon View Post
    The base cool down time to set a new base does mean this can’t just be changed and set for the next day... it will always be the day after the next day you make it (unless you have one build already).
    A progress base would work

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    I tried to drop to titans end of season. I have to wait an extra day... there should be option end of season to opt out of legends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lafaek View Post
    A progress base would work
    A couple of people failed to 3* my progress base with no CC when I was dropping!! Not very annoying...

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    suggestions to improve the game

    1) when you drop from legend league and starts the day the personal break timer is set with 30min with the 30min grade, I would prefer that the timer is set to 4h when you drop out [keep the grade to 30min]

    2) if you have less than 5050ish trophies have an option to play in normal matchmaking the next day or now if you haven't signed up to legend league already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lafaek View Post
    A progress base would work
    Yeah, but not everyone has one set up... if you don’t, that’s the delay....

    Re all this, there could really be a bit more info to the player as to what happens. This no “No Thanks” option, so it is a bit unclear, especially if you are here for the first time.

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