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    Error in the clan war with Gigatesla and Giginferno

    Every th 12 to th 14 townhall is shown as a one star giga tesla/inferno in the cw and cwl. If you could see the right level of the giga tesla/inferno, it was easier to choose a base, you can attack.

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    I have yet to see this error. If you mean on the map, you should scout the base before chossing which to attack anyway.

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    Well Th14 is shown as Lvl 3, not lvl 1 like previous two TH

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    the real error is it shows "I" on the map even if the town hall weapon is "v"

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    The map has never shown anything but the TH AFAIK.

    So TH11, TH12, TH13, TH14 etc. I don't think it has ever shown the level of the TH weapon there.

    While the image does have a value on it, that has always been fixed on the map AFAIK.
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    I've never attacked simply by looking at the image of the TH. Actually scouting the base and seeing for yourself is the solution.
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