New Products from the Town Beach

In the town there would be a new building called the “Beach Shed” in the area in front of the sanctuary where there is an empty beach space. In the beach shed you could make buckets and shovels. In the area where there are trees right next to the beach in front of the sanctuary there would be beach and in these areas you could collect shells, glass bottles, algae, seawater, and driftwood. The shovels would give you shells or glass bottles while the buckets could give you algae and driftwood. There would be a total of 5 different beach areas you could collect from. To collect the items you would click on one of the areas and then drag either the shovel or bucket to it, then it would pull up a menu similar to the one in the lucky draw in the valley except it has 5 different squares to choose and would have a beach/ocean theme. With one shovel or bucket it would give you one of the appropriate items. There would be one of each item in per 5 square area. After choosing a square you cannot choose the same square again but still can choose others. Now, there would also be high and low tides to make this feature unique. Items could not be collected during the low tides which occur after high tides. After collecting an item from any of the areas there would be a 6hr and 25min timer before the high tides came in. High tides would also automatically come in if every area had all of the items collected and could not be used anymore. When the high tides come in they would last for 12hr and 50min before another low tide came in. The high tides would replenish all the materials so all the areas would be reset to be able to have items collected in the next low tide. A total of 25 items, 5 of each type would be able to be collected during one full tide cycle. The items could be used to make many products in the new Beach Workshop building that can be purchased and placed on the farm. These features would be unlocked at level 62.

(Free, takes 2 days to build) Beach Shed- This can be mastered to speed up production time by up to 30% going 5%, 15%, then 30% (would follow same mastery times as net maker)
  • Products:
  • Shovel (1hr) Would not need any materials to make it similar to lobster and duck traps
  • Bucket (1hr) Same as shovel

(150,000 coins, 2 days to build) Beach Workshop-Makes products to be used at the beach or made from beach materials
  • Products:
  • Beach Terrarium (level 62)- 1 glass bottle, 1 seawater, 2 shells, and 1 driftwood (1.5hrs)
  • Sea Salt (level 65)- made with 1 sea water (10min)
  • Beach Blanket (level 63) - 3 cotton fabric, 1 strawberry, and 2 shells (50min)
  • Agar Agar (level 75) - 2 algae (30min)
  • Ship in a Bottle (level 82)- 2 driftwood, 2 blackberries and 1 glass bottle (2.5hrs)

Other Products made from these items:

Candle Maker
  • (level 65) Beach Candle- made with 1 beeswax, 1 glass bottle, and 1 sea salt (2.5hrs)

Flower Shop
  • (Level 83) Vivid Vase- 1 glass bottle, 1 strawberry, 3 peonies, and 3 indigo (1hr)

Coffee Kiosk
  • (Level 68) Sea Salt Iced Coffee- 3 coffee beans, 1 sea salt, 1 milk, and 1 white sugar (50min)

Candy Maker
  • (Level 77) Gummy Bears- 2 agar agar, 2 strawberries, 2 pineapples, and 1 syrup (6hrs)

  • (Level 63) Shell Necklace- 1 gold ore, and 3 shells (45min)

Bath Kiosk
  • (Level 90) Algae Moisturizer- 2 algae, 1 olive oil, and 1 peony (2hrs)