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Thread: Do you have what it takes 😈

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    Cool Do you have what it takes 😈

    Rebuilding a level 6 clan called slavigers, we've got a 5 star th14 leader that's down for donations, but we lack good attacking members in war, do if you're down to donate and attack in war , we've got no problem , maxed th10 and above needed, communicate in clan chat, no ghosting or lead's gonna kick you 🤪
    Hope to see you then Clashers 👍💪💪💪

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    Feel free to just search and join the clan slavigers, there's only one in coc ��, you'll be tested in a 40 v 40 war, and the scum will be weeded out , oh and it'll be nice to have more seige machine donators so feel free to join as well th12,13,14��

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