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Thread: New suggest in hay day

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    New suggest in hay day

    I have some new suggest about hay day.
    First, fruit and bushes
    We can collect them in blueberry bushes
    And we can make blueberry jam in the jam maker. Also, we can make blueberry pie in the pie oven, lemon blueberry cake in the cake oven too.

    Next, sanctuary place
    Hay day will update the snowy sanctuary soon, so next time, maybe hay day can update a marine animals sanctuary(not fishing area).We can also update some fish on it.Like dolphins, sea lions, walruses or devil fish. It will be fun.

    Although these idea the team may not adopt it all, but I think this idea will be good.I have shared all my idea.

    Thank you.
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    Watch this video from Camilla (Hayday Game Designer) who explains why blueberries will not be in the game.

    Also, if you haven't already, check out this thread to see the status of ideas:

    Otherwise, new ideas are always welcome!
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