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    Even my donation to a clan war CC has no clan perks bearing

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    Donations dropping 2 levels

    Why does the game lower my donations? If I donate a lvl 6 loon the receiver gets lvl 4 loons

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    Donated Troops being downgraded

    I have a few members in a clan I participate in and all are having the same issue as I in not receiving the troops the right level. Our clan level is 15 and it should raise our donations in 2 levels be it troops or spells. (Example: I received a Level 7 dragon from a TH13 in our clan and it got to my village level 4.) I'm TH7
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    Hey, Supercell just recently implemented a new feature that has a certain limit on donations so that lower town hall bases can't receive for example level 9 balloons and just destroy every base. Each town hall can only receive troops that are 2 town halls higher. For example, a town hall 8 could receive town hall 10 troops. A town hall 6 could receive maxed town hall 8 troops. There's more detail about this change if you take a look at the patch notes.

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    Troops not upgrading when donated

    When I get donated troops from my Clan Members they do not get upgraded and in fact downgraded. My clan level is 6 and when I get donated lvl 7 balloons they turn into lvl 6 balloons when I get them in my Clan Castle. This recently started happening since I upgraded to TH 9.

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    Troop Donation levels not increasing

    All donated troops not applying the increase in lvl when donating

    Note that spells are increasing but troops either receiving no or just 1 lvl instead of the 2
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    Exclamation After the update, donations no longer increase levels


    Hope you are doing well.

    After the TH14 update, the donations no longer increase levels. It increase for some TownHalls (or Clan castle level, not sure) , but not all. For example, the donations to TH8 not increasing.

    Any idea?


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