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Thread: Organize your Barn

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    Organize your Barn

    How satisfying will it be when you can organize your barn in categories or something? Like all the animal food in one categorie, all the expansion stuff in one categorie...

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    Not bad idea at all.

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    Ironically, that idea has been shared a plethora of time but still has not been implemented in-game. Maybe this next update will have it, fingers crossed.

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    An other idea, related but different, is to allow other sort methods for the barn. Sort by name, sort by machine&amount, sort by level requirement, and it becomes much easier to find a specific product.

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    This is also my biggest irritation when a neihgbour asks a certain item you scroll and search where it could be in your barn. Maybe a link at the production machine that you can drag to your stand and there you can choose the usual things like amount, and coins required.

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