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Thread: Can't donate maxed troops

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    Can't donate maxed troops

    I was a th13 with many maxed troops. I recently upgraded to th14 and made to a new clan with some of my friends.

    For town hall 10 & below(th10 included), I am not able to donate maxed troops. If I send level 4 edrag, the th10s receive a level 3, whereas the th11 and above receives level 4.

    Same happened to me while filling war cc. The th11 and greater receive maxed troops and others don't. My town hall upgrade power potion is still on, can it be related to it?

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    Nothing to do with the upgrade potion. Everything to do with the nerfing to oblivion - oh wait, improvement! - to clan castle donations. This is what it is from now on...

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