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    New system for training doantion

    according to my point of view we could create a new system for training, my idea is to create a third training queue which is used only for donations, this would greatly improve the life of the game, we would not have to do it anymore worry about reorganizing the queues based on the donations made and we would always have the troops that are used the most. the training queue can have a housing size of 675 (45 maximum castle level x 15 hypothetical war players) in this way it would also facilitate donations during wars. troops included in donations cannot be used for any other purpose other than donations, meaning they cannot be moved to the attack queue. In the donation queue there may also be more than 2 super troops at a time, this is because they cannot be used in attack. to access the queue just put a check in a pre-established box that will change the attack queue into the donation queue and all the troops you want will be inserted until the living space is filled, if you want to return to the attack queue just remove the check . I thought about the conflict that would arise with training troops for the attack and I found solutions. 1 can be trained at the same time 2 can be trained one at a time but a pause option can be activated if necessary in order to change and activate one of the two queues 3 a new castle-like structure could be created to be placed near the clan's play tent in order to immediately reach the training queue and separate it from the attack queue (in this case, the tick option in the training window could also be removed ) this structure cannot be attacked because it will be external to the game square, however it can be improved, the improvements will guarantee a greater amount of living space starting from 45 up to 675. advantages of this facility 1 troops always available for donations 2 chances to queue up super troops before time runs out and donate them later even if you train other super troops 3 would eliminate the possibility of finding the wrong armies during attacks 4 would eliminate the need to reorganize training queues based on donations to be made and made, saving a lot of time 5 during the wars donations for castles would weigh less on a few very active players and would facilitate donations to the whole clan. versus no disadvantages or rather I can not find anything that damages the gameplay what do you think?

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    This idea is ruled out.

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