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Thread: Best army for the 9 compartment base?

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    Best army for the 9 compartment base?

    About 85% of the bases I face are variations of the 9 compartment base. What’s the best army for this base that doesn’t require an extensive queen charge? I know Itzu recommends a strategy where the queen takes down around 65% of the base and the troops clean up the rest, but honestly my QC skills aren’t that strong.

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    Best atk would be GoHoBo. It overkills any compartment bases at townhall 9. U can literally gut out a compartment along with the core and hog from any side of the left of L shaped pathing you created. If the kill squad did it's job right, it's automatic overkill on any compartment base. You can even swag spells. LOL.

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    @rvMatt i hope this video can help you

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